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Development Begins In


Welcome to Apocalypse Theory. What, you may be asking, is this?

Well this is the public facing side of what will be my Indie Game Studio.

This probably will not feel like your traditional Game Studio Site for a number of reasons.

  • The Development Blog: I have not started Development for the game yet, however, I am a freelance programmer with over 12 years of experience. So I have started relating some of my experience there, tips and tricks for working from home, and thoughts on the Indie Game scene in the blog. I am splitting these posts off into the category of “Around The Office” so they can easily be seperated out later on from my main dev log.
  • Engagement: I would like to acclivity engage the community through the development process. This may or may not workout and continue. My plan is to use the blog, forums, twitch, and youtube during the development process to engage with all who are interested.

This page and site is still under construction. My goal for launching this enterprise fully is January 1st.

Even when I launch I will be working full time still so it will mainly be in the evenings and on weekends. However, if you are interested in what I am doing please let me know!


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