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Stress due to the Lack of Work Space Respect

Stress due to the Lack of Work Space Respect Quick Background For some background on me, it’s important for my example to make sense. I was born later in my parents life. They were both in my mid 40’s when I was born. I continued living with my parents after High-school to help with my […]

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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality. One of the rules I have regarding my professional life is to keep politics out of it. However, there is one issue where my professional and political life intersect which has to be the exception to that rule. The issue of course is Net Neutrality. We are really tired of having to defend […]

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Pay To Win

Pay To Win For being a game enthusiast, and being interested in developing my own games; It may surprise you that the pay to win gaming system has pretty much passed me by unnoticed. However, even I have been hearing the fallout from StarWars: Battlefront II. How have I missed the pay to win epidemic: […]

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Logo and Copyright

Logo and Copyright A company’s logo is one of its most important assets. Yet the logo’s of many smaller companies are not in fact owned by the company itself. Many companies use logos from logo creation sites, or from sites such as Graphic River. These are fairly self explanatory, they are only purchasing a use […]

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A Home Office with Children

A Home Office With Children A home office with children can be a challenge, coupled with the fact young children make it even more of a challenge. My Son is 3 and my Daughter is 1. They both want to spend all of the time with me they can, they do not always understand that […]

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Why WordPress

Why WordPress? I am a Web Developer, and I do not use WordPress in my professional work. So why am I using it here? Well to answer that I need to answer several other questions! What I do. My main job is building real time communication systems for businesses. That simple sounding sentence really includes […]

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The Future of Indie Games

The Future of Indie Games I was reading an article on PC gamer today titled “Are Indie Games Too Cheap?“. That got me to thinking about the future of indie games. The Real Issue With Indie Games Pricing is not the issue with indie games, the real issue is quality. I would argue that many […]

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Typical Day

My Typical Day I am often asked what does a Typical Day for a freelance programmer look like. My Schedule probably does not match what many other Freelancers are doing as I have several long term clients I work with on a regular basis. Many Freelancers have to spend much more time looking for their […]

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Favorite Work Playlists

Favorite Work Playlists While working I enjoy having background noise, complete silence tends to drain my creative juices. I use a number of media types to build my playlists, today I will share a few of my favorites with you. What I pick: Before I go into the specifics of what I enjoy using for […]

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Inspiration: The Games that Inspired Me

Inspiration: The Games that Inspired Me The games that inspired me is a brief walk through my gaming history. I will go over many of the titles which I loved as a child, and which have stayed with me over the years. These are the reason I have always wanted to build games. Atari: Boring […]

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