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Net Neutrality.

One of the rules I have regarding my professional life is to keep politics out of it. However, there is one issue where my professional and political life intersect which has to be the exception to that rule. The issue of course is Net Neutrality.

We are really tired of having to defend Net Neutrality:

It’s true. I believe completely in Net Neutrality, however, what feels like a 15 year running gun fight over it I am weary. However, that does not mean we can give up the fight.

This is an important fight. The future of what the internet is and how businesses will grow on that internet is at stake here.

What is happening to Net Neutrality Now:

On Thanksgiving 2017, the FCC plans to role out its plan to role back the Net Neutrality regulations we all fought so hard for under Trump.

I don’t know what Net Neutrality is!

Well in short it is the free and open use of the internet which prevents companies from making artificial fast and slow lanes. Imagine if Comcast could demand money from Netflix and if Netflix refused to pay slow service on their network… while pushing their own media delivery service to you which has a higher speed. This is the type of thing Net Neutrality is designed to prevent.

Here is a video explaining both sides of the current argument.

Who is with us?

Well a lot of companies are actually Pro-Net Neutrality. Any company or person who uses the internet is affected.

Google, Amazon, and 80,000 websites are protesting against the FCC’s plan to reverse net neutrality.

Who is against us?

Really all of the ISPs so… Comcast, AT&T, Verizon… the usual.

How can so few companies cause so much trouble.

This I honestly don’t know. You have companies on the other side who are worth more than all of those companies combined. You would think they would be pumping money into lobbying, and maybe they are. It is really hard to say what is going on behind the scenes.

Of course part of the problem is these companies only exist due to the monopolies they have. The service quality and their customer service is so poor if they were not local monopolies in their respective areas they would have went out of business long ago.

What can I do?

Reach out to congress. Let them know this is not what we want.

Battle For The Net!

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