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Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning Continuing Education is very important for any programmer. Over the years I have been freelancing I have taken hundreds of hours of courses and read countless articles. The Development world is always moving forward and you have to keep up on the latest trends and methods or you will quickly be out […]

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Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade Disclaimer: I am a professional software developer. You do not need a set up as expensive or extravagant as mine to get started. My Tools of the Trade have evolved over the years until I found the tools I enjoyed working with the best. So please do not run out and […]

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Resolutions are not just for New Years

Resolutions are not just for New Years As my introductory post explained the other day, Apocalypse Theory is an idea I have had for a very long time. It is one of those goals that I knew I needed to start working towards. Yet, it is not the only goal I have. Resolutions are not […]

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A Clean Office is a Productive Office

A Clean Office is a Productive Office After a 3 day weekend for BlizzConn, work kept me fairly busy today. However, there was one task that had to be completed… cleaning the office, because a clean office is a productive office. As with many people who spend a lot of time in their office, after […]

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Greetings, I am Steven, an Indie Game Developer, or at least I hope to be. I am currently working to build Apocalypse Theory. What I currently am is a Web Developer with over 12 years of experience, and an avid Gamer with over 35 years experience. My Goals for Apocalypse Theory My true passion lies in […]

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