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My Typical Day

I am often asked what does a Typical Day for a freelance programmer look like. My Schedule probably does not match what many other Freelancers are doing as I have several long term clients I work with on a regular basis. Many Freelancers have to spend much more time looking for their next assignment.

I prefer to focus on a few steady clients. To me clients aren’t just projects to complete. I realize that each of my clients has a dream they want developed, and it is my job to make that dream come true.

Another factor I have in my favor is that I am on the East Coast and my clients are on the West Coast.

So my day looks something like this…

12AM – 7AM: Sleep

7AM – 8AM: Breakfast/Workout/Shower

8AM – 10AM: Continuing Education

10AM – 2PM: Work for Client A

2PM – 3PM: Lunch

3PM – 6PM: Work for Client A

6PM – 8PM: Dinner and Family Time

8PM – 10PM: Client B Work

10PM – Midnight: Time with the Wife

You may notice I only have 7 hours a day scheduled for Client A. I actually get paid for 40 hours a week with them. The extra 5 hours are for weekends and after hours when I need to do server updates. We also work on an average. There are some weeks I only work 35 hours. There are some weeks I end up working 50 hours. I keep track of my time and for example this year I worked an average of 40.73 hours for the client in question. I feel giving up that .73 hours a per week extra is worth it in time I do not have to spend looking for new work.

Also this is an ideal week. Often my schedule is very different from this but I usually stick pretty close to how much time I allocate to each aspect of my life.

The Weekends outside of additional updates I need to do I spend all of my time with the family and working on Apocalypse Theory.

As I have mentioned before having a health mix of Work/Family/Exercise/Education/Relaxation is very important and very hard to balance. Especially if you work more than 40 hours a week.

One of my favorite Blogs is Lifehacker and they have a great article on Time Management



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