Apocalypse Theory started out as an idea I had for an ARG (Alternate Reality Game). I still have that idea, however, slowly it morphed into more.

These changes mostly came about due to the fact I love the name Apocalypse Theory and wanted it to be more than just an ARG. Below I am posting the original video I created for the Apocalypse Theory Universe.

Welcome Dear Reader

Apocalypse Theory is my attempt to let someone know about the strange happenings plaguing my world.
That may confuse you; I say my world as I highly doubt we share the same world in this multi-verse.
The people of my world learned long ago that our world is just one of many, all the same yet all different within the multi-verse.
The Ancient Ones have awoken and now threaten all that is within our world. The Elders Ones who never left, yet have slept, seem powerless or unwilling to do anything against the creeping madness and doom that are the Ancient Ones.
Yet as the corruption sweeps across my world, I shall do my best to tell you our tale and catalog all we know. Perhaps one day this information shall help save another world from the Apocalyptic changes sweeping mine….
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There are no goals in this campaign...