Apocalypse Theory

The Return

Greetings all, I have not been as active this year as I had planned on my personal projects. Real life just kept rearing its ugly head. A promotion at work, some illness, several car accidents, a move, and my oldest child starting school rounded out a very chaotic year. Right now I am getting over […]

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New sneak peak into one of the poems in my new poetry book! The scent of death is in the air, Yet birds still sing with out a care. One man dies another lives, One man takes another gives, One road taken one road not, One day cool another hot. The dawn is here, the […]

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Time flies when your not having fun

Hello all! Well things did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. I never got a chance to get any work done as the blows just kept coming. Last weekend was the first weekend I actually got to relax at all and I spent the whole time with family just relaxing. That said it […]

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Sorry for the delay

Hello all, I had planned to make a bunch of updates and get my poetry book released this last month. Unfortunately the our move went off the rails and ate up much more time than expected. Then we had a family emergency and now a little one is sick. It has been a rough couple […]

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Peasants and Peons Released

Peasants and Peons has been released on DM Guild and is available for purchase. Unfortunately due to the rules of DM Guild I am unable to offer this as a reward to my Patreon Supporters.  

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Thoughts on Future Development

I already have a full development plan for the rest of this year. However, the problem with me is that my brain never stops working. So here is an update on my current schedule and the plans I have for future development. The Current Plan this Year is 06/15/2019 – Releasing the D&D Supplement “Peasants […]

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Peasants and Peons

Releasing on DM Guild on June 15th, 2019  Peasants and Peons For $2.95. Peasants and Peons contains rules for creating 0 level characters. Most Hero’s come from heroic stock; Descending from family’s, backgrounds, and races who have for centuries produced those who were above the common man. Most commoners are destined to spend their days […]

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Sargon: The Fallen One being edited

I haven’t been posting much because I have been working on my writing. The first work I will be publishing is a book of poetry. I plan to release this on 06/29/2019 on Amazon. After this I plan to have the rough draft out for the first novel set in the Land of the Dead […]

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The Future of Indie Games

The Future of Indie Games I was reading an article on PC gamer today titled “Are Indie Games Too Cheap?“. That got me to thinking about the future of indie games. The Real Issue With Indie Games Pricing is not the issue with indie games, the real issue is quality. I would argue that many […]

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