Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 11: Shadowfiends

“Fire,” said Azoloth, “we need fire and now.” They had not lit torches before now because they only possessed two a piece. Azoloth desired to save them for a dire situation, though he imagined warning off beasts, not shadows. Trinsic nodded in agreement, reaching down with trembling hands next to his leg, and pulled forth […]

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Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 10: Roanwood

Azoloth was lost in thought; back to a time he had been walking in the woods a year ago. He had been no more than ten or fifteen minutes from the edge. This part of the wood was near Candlecove Keep and was a place Azoloth often came during free time. He enjoyed the scent, […]

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Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 9: Hunted

“This will take another week to get all of the stains out,” Trinsic muttered to himself. The battle with the bandits had taken place the day before, and yet Trinsic was still complaining. He was examining the blood splattered across his cloak and armor. Despite not moving fast enough to join the battle, Trinsic had […]

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Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 8: Bandits

  Six hours later they were on the road once more. Azoloth and Trinsic were young and fit young men, doing without some sleep wouldn’t kill them. It was a good thing too, Azoloth insisted they push on during the evening hours and all through the day. They covered another 30 miles in the next […]

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Inheritance: Chapter 5

  2040   Nick had done his best to steer clear of Silurian.  He had tried.  Sure enough, within the day after Valen’s funeral they wrangled him into his usual chores, which involved helping the widow.  Silurian wasn’t known for her amazing moods.  She had a tendency to switch gears faster than you could imagine.  […]

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Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 7: The Road

After the zombies had burned to ash, Azoloth and Trinsic set out once more. The miles faded behind them as their steeds pushed on. This was the second full day since Sir Gregory’s death, and Azoloth’s heart was heavy as he rode. Azoloth felt as if he should have been rejoicing for his reunion with […]

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Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 6: Reunited

Sir Gregory used to say, “Every journey begins with a single step.” “Thank the light I found you,” Trinsic explained as he approached Azoloth. “I thought for sure you’d been captured.” “Trin! Where the hell have you been? You vanished when I set out. It’s probably a good thing we are both late arriving, though. […]

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Inheritance Chapter 4

2022 “Silurian!”  The loud bang against metal and yelling of her name came from behind her closed door.  She gave a snarl and from behind the rusted metal desk.  Her slender, curved frame sat hunched over her work.  Long, straight black hair lingered over her face as she stared at that door.  One almond shaped […]

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Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 5: The Crossroads Inn

Azoloth watched from the shadows as a full company of mounted Calvary, all bearing the new Queens livery, trotted along the road. He narrowed his eyes and considered the time. They must have come along the road searching for him, turning back near the crossroads when they could not find him. Listening attentively, he caught […]

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Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 4: Moonlit Dreams

Darkness gave way to dawn, the forest which had been so dark glowed with a sinister light. It burned away cool darkness, replacing it with the green piercing light. The deepest shadows grew thick with green fire, unlike the clear light of the moon this green flame was sickly and provided no comfort. As the […]

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