Apocalypse Theory

Time flies when your not having fun

Hello all! Well things did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. I never got a chance to get any work done as the blows just kept coming. Last weekend was the first weekend I actually got to relax at all and I spent the whole time with family just relaxing. That said it […]

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Thoughts on Future Development

I already have a full development plan for the rest of this year. However, the problem with me is that my brain never stops working. So here is an update on my current schedule and the plans I have for future development. The Current Plan this Year is 06/15/2019 – Releasing the D&D Supplement “Peasants […]

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The Future of Indie Games

The Future of Indie Games I was reading an article on PC gamer today titled “Are Indie Games Too Cheap?“. That got me to thinking about the future of indie games. The Real Issue With Indie Games Pricing is not the issue with indie games, the real issue is quality. I would argue that many […]

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Logo and Copyright

Logo and Copyright A company’s logo is one of its most important assets. Yet the logo’s of many smaller companies are not in fact owned by the company itself. Many companies use logos from logo creation sites, or from sites such as Graphic River. These are fairly self explanatory, they are only purchasing a use […]

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Hello all, I am launching my site that will show case my creative works. This may include Writing, Drawings, Video Games, and Music. Please if you find any of this enjoyable head over to my patron and show your support! https://www.patreon.com/apocalypsetheory  

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Why WordPress

Why WordPress? I am a Web Developer, and I do not use WordPress in my professional work. So why am I using it here? Well to answer that I need to answer several other questions! What I do. My main job is building real time communication systems for businesses. That simple sounding sentence really includes […]

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    Time flies when your not having fun apocalypsetheory.com/posts/time-fli…