Getting Started


Getting started has never been very hard for me. The hard part is to continue the project afterwards. My main issue is my “Oh, Shiny!” complex. I get distracted by shiny new projects I explore for a handful of weeks, then drop.

2022 is my year to go beyond getting started, and finish a few projects. In the past, I have only completed one writing project, a DnD Supplement on DMs Guild called Peasants and Peons.

I plan to the self-publish. I write for myself, and I will not give up any creative control.


There are four major projects I plan to work on.

Land of The Dead Sun: This is my fantasy series which I started last year. I was not happy with the direction of the story, so I pulled it to revise and revamp.

Parallel Intervals: This is an urban horror idea I am working to flush out still. I am working on an exceptional short story for this setting to kick it off.

Deep Song: This is a Sci-Fi setting. I want to write a grand space opera that is epic in scope. Think Lord of the Rings in space.

Conquest: This is a neat idea for a romance novel. I won’t go into much detail on this one right now..

I am interested in a lot of Genres. However, I am not writing to become rich. There are other side ventures I am working on focused on earning money. I write because I have stories to tell. In my youth, I was an avid reader. I loved getting to read another person’s thoughts and see how they affected me. The written word can have a profound impact far beyond any other media. I wish to impact those who read my works, to help shape their minds and the world as a better place in the future.

Getting started this year, I am going to flush out my Land of the Dead Sun work and continue it as a web novel. My goal is to publish one chapter a week to start, and if I get going, I may move to several a week.



I have tried many different tools but settled on these three.

As much as I love Scrivner, it is not practical when I am traveling. I usually travel with just a cheap chrome book that has 4G built in. That is why I moved to living writer.

Coggle is the best mind mapping software I have found.

One note is free and does a better job, in my opinion, than campfire or other paid options.

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