Hello everyone,

The title of this chapter says it all, however, I wanted a bit of explanation to go out with this.

I am not abandoning this project, so if any of you have been enjoying it, do not worry it will be back.

The last week I was out most of the week dealing with a medical issue in the family. During that time I wasn’t able to do much writing, I was just to emotionally drained. However, I was able to go back through and look over my story.


I realized something. The story needs some major revision. This is my first attempt at a web novel and I may have bitten off more than I could chew releasing it as I go. I really believe in the story I am telling, and I want to do it justice. With that in mind I have decided to go through and actually finish the rest of the book first.

I was releasing around 1,000 word chapters every day. That will likely be switching over to 2,500 word chapters. I will also be doing extensive revisions so it will take some time before the book is completed. Once it is done I plan to do a new release.

Until that time I will leave up what I already have here. If you want updates to how the book is going I will be posting regular updates on my site https://apocalypsetheory.com and on the Patreon my wife and I share.

My wife still plans to keep posting her story but her posting schedule is more chaotic than mine was so I can’t tell you what the release schedule for her chapters will be.

I hope when I return those of you who were enjoying the story are eager to start fresh and get a better version

Thank you


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