Hello all, I am sorry there is no new chapter today. It is my 5 year wedding anniversary. However, not wanting to leave you empty-handed here is a prophecy. 

The following prophecy is said to have been found in the elven ruins in the Crater of Fallen Tears. This claim has not been able to be verified due to the undead who inhabit the crater.


5 Lords of Darkness each with a stone,

Each chilling men to the bone.

5 Shadow gates each need a key,

For each key a life is the fee.

5 Soul stones the only way to die,

They shall live forever; it is no lie.

5 guardians till the end of time,

Each shall arise with the chime.

5 hero’s for their world shall die,

Shall any know that they did try?


Many scholars over the years have argued at the meaning of the verse. Some say it is just a bit of elven poetry, while others believe it is the key to ending the darkening and bringing the sun and Gods back to the land.


Please note as the manuscript’s translation is updated we may post new findings here. 

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