Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 3: Flight into the Night

The fall of Stravos’ hooves carried Azoloth east through the nearby village. In the early hours of the morning before daybreak, the streets were not empty. Those who were able to complete their work under the pure light of the moon did so, avoiding the sickly green pall of the day. Passing by the dark […]

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Inheritance: Chapter 3

Below is a sneak peek of this content! 2040 Azrael sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck on the way home.  Everything was silent and dark.  He knew the way like the back of his hand, so he really didn’t need any light to travel down the paths to the two-story house.  It […]

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Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 2: Escape

Coming back to the present, Azoloth shook his head vigorously. He would find the reason behind the Queen’s betrayal of the Knighthood. For King, country, and most of all for Sir Gregory. The decision set solidly in his mind, Azoloth hardened his heart. Swallowing back all the tears and pain that coursed through him. He […]

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Land of the Dead Sun – Chapter 1: Death of a Father

Chilled mud splattered against Azoloth’s face and intermingled with the fresh tears cascading along his cheeks. He lay prone under a horse trough, listening to the sharp metallic sound of metal boots ringing out against the cobblestone street nearby. Guards rushed to and fro seeking any loving member of Sir Gregories household, including Azoloth. His […]

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Prologue: The Darkening

The story regarding the death of the sun is among the oldest in our world. In the Age of Dreams, magic was untamed and untempered. That was before The Darkening, before our Gods were banished or kill alongside our once beautiful sun. As has happened in the countless worlds, darkness seeped into ours. The Demon […]

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Inheritance: Chapter 2

2040   The sound of Silurian’s beating heart echoed through her head.  Her breath shortened and ragged from her pushing the limits of her stamina.  It had gotten dark and the light from the porch barely gave way to her figure standing next to the suspended sand bag.  Time had passed so quickly when she […]

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Inheritance: Chapter 1

2040   The summer breeze was growing cooler now that autumn was threatening to show its face.  No clouds to speak of while the sun was slowly settling into the horizon afar.  Two figures lingered within a grassy plot, surrounded by various crosses in different mediums.  Some were simple sticks, while others were crude chiseled […]

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Getting Started

Getting started and taking that first step always seems the hardest, especially if it is the hundredth time that first step is taken. One issue I have is an oh-shiny complex. I usually get distracted easily. This means I have dozens, if not hundreds, of half-finished projects lying around. I have even tried systems like […]

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