Apocalypse Theory

Thoughts on Future Development

I already have a full development plan for the rest of this year. However, the problem with me is that my brain never stops working. So here is an update on my current schedule and the plans I have for future development. The Current Plan this Year is 06/15/2019 – Releasing the D&D Supplement “Peasants […]

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Rough Draft – Lords of Darkness

This is an early draft of the Prophecy Lords of Darkness. Originally this was created just as a poem to show case my character Sargon The Fallen One. However, over the years as the story of Sargon and the Land of the Dead Sun evolved the poem did not fit my needs any longer hence […]

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Lords of Darkness

Lords of Darkness 5 Lords of Darkness, each holds a key For each key, a life is the fee 5 Shadow gates, each block the path Breach each gate and face his wrath. 5 soul stones, the only way to die They may live forever, it is no lie 5 Guardians till, bound till the […]

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Land of the Dead Sun History 0 – Creation of the World 120 – Darkening of the Sun 125 – The prophecy of The Lords of Darkness is spoken by the soothsayer of the mountain

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