Land of the Dead Sun Cover

Synopsis: A world fallen into darkness. Long ago in the age of dreams the forces of light and darkness battled. Yet at the defining moment of the war, defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory. A betrayal born out of love and grief shattered the world. The Darkening as it is known destroyed or banished the Gods from the world. The day the sun went dark was among humanity’s darkest days. The Demonic Lords held at bay only by valiant sacrifice in the few refuges this world has left. Now darker things than the Demonic Lords seek to gain entry into this world, what new sacrifices will be required to protect the shattered vestiges of the mortal races. Yet a light dawns in the darkness, and hope is ever born anew.

Author: Available on Royal Road

Prologue: The Darkening

Chapter 1: Death of a Father

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