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Logo and Copyright

A company’s logo is one of its most important assets. Yet the logo’s of many smaller companies are not in fact owned by the company itself.

Many companies use logos from logo creation sites, or from sites such as Graphic River. These are fairly self explanatory, they are only purchasing a use license.

In fact that is what I was going to use before commissioning an original work. Below is the logo I was using.


Many companies will do what I did and commission an original logo. However, they do not realize this does not automatically confer copyright. They only get a use license, and usually just a promise by word of mouth that they can use the image.

Below is the logo I recently commissioned. The artist is Rick Adams.

New Shiny Logo


I specified in my job listing on Upwork that I was seeking a full copyright transfer of the logo and used the service Kunvay to accomplish this.

Some Advice on Hiring Freelancers

With my Upwork listing I specified I was only interested in US Based Freelancers. Every single time I have tried working with someone from outside of the US it has went very badly.

Be as detailed as possible about exactly what you want.

Out of about 10 applicants I had 2 whose work I really liked. I went with the one I was felt more comfortable with. I Would say always go with your gut instinct when picking any freelancer to work with.

Keep up a good and steady line of communication, and don’t be afraid to let them know if what they give you isn’t what you were looking for.

Be open minded! If you really don’t like the work say something, however, be open to new ideas. The logo above is not what I had imagined, however, as soon as I saw it I loved it. After about 5 minor modifications I approved it.

Schedule yourself plenty of time. I got lucky and even though I did not need it until Mid December Rick was able to complete it in a day and with an outstanding level of quality.

Logo Advice

I only really have one thing here. Get your logo in a vector format. I usually request AI format and then convert it over to .svg for web usage.

Vector images are great to as they scale no matter what size you need them to display at.

I plan to have this on the splash screen of my games so I need to make sure it can scale up and down easily.

Splash Screen Intro

This is what I have decided to use as my splash screen. I know, I know. I have so much work to do before I need it. However, I have been excited with the logo being finished so I decided too take a break from work, study, and family and just play around with it.

I have decided I will leave the “Made with Unity” tag on there. I am proud to be using Unity to make my game, so why not help advertise it?

P.S. Sorry the resolution on the video is so poor. I really need to reinvest in the full Adobe Suite, I dropped it down to Photoshop only 2 months ago as I have not used any other programs in over a year. Now suddenly I have needed Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and Audition over the last month for various projects.


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