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The Future of Indie Games

I was reading an article on PC gamer today titled “Are Indie Games Too Cheap?“. That got me to thinking about the future of indie games.

The Real Issue With Indie Games

Pricing is not the issue with indie games, the real issue is quality. I would argue that many non-indie games share those same issues.

I also do not feel that graphics has a large amount to do with the success of most indie games. Some very successful games have had graphics which were just alright. Of course that is not to say graphics do not matter at all. I have seen some amazing mechanics with horrible graphics that I ended up hating. I would have enjoyed those ga

For me the two biggest factors on if I like any game or not are mechanics together with the story. If the mechanics are enjoyable or the story is killer I will play it.

Be Read to Fail

The article “Your Indie Game Will Flop And You Will Lose Money” says this better than I could.

The author did their research and point out very clearly how most indie games fail.

Yet this is not a reason not to make games. You should just know what you are getting into. Moreover, making games is like any other business or endeavor in life. You will fail as a matter of fact you will probably fail a lot. The only way to become successful is to pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and do it again.

I am a firm believer in if you build it, they will come.

  • First, build a great looking game
  • Second, build a game with fun mechanics
  • Third, build a game with an awesome story
  • Fourth, build a game you would want to play for countless hours
  • Finally build a game you can be proud of!


In Conclusion

In light of the bar for making games has being lowered, people can use store assets to turn out another generic cookie cutter game in a few weeks. The indie game failures I have seen mostly fit this bill. Additionally, I am not saying that no good games fail, I am some very good indie games fail.

I just think if more people put years into developing their games like Super Meatboy or StarDew Valley did, you would see more successful games. Those  people put a tremendous amount of time into crafting their worlds. Those games were masterfully engineered and fun to play. The fun mechanics coupled with compelling story lines made these games almost certain to be successful.

I do not want to discourage new developers from getting into the indie game market. I just want to encourage everyone to be ready for failure, but with that in mind have the passion for your game to craft something beautiful you can be proud of.


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