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Greetings all,

I have not been as active this year as I had planned on my personal projects. Real life just kept rearing its ugly head. A promotion at work, some illness, several car accidents, a move, and my oldest child starting school rounded out a very chaotic year.

Right now I am getting over a nasty bout of Pneumonia. While I am recovering I am taking some time to review where I am at, and what my plans for the future look like.

In the coming weeks I will be revamping my site, patreon, and social media presence on the web.

A few noteworthy changes and some things staying the same.

  • I am pushing forward with an RPG Fitness site with a partner.
  • I have moved away from Unity and to GoDot with my Game Development ambitions
  • I am still working on my writing
  • I have an idea for a card/board game I also plan to pursue.

I plan to move forward and start making regular updates on my progress on all fronts.


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