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Why WordPress?

I am a Web Developer, and I do not use WordPress in my professional work. So why am I using it here?

Well to answer that I need to answer several other questions!

What I do.

My main job is building real time communication systems for businesses. That simple sounding sentence really includes a lot. Lets break it down!

  • VOIP Communication
  • SMS/MMS Communication
  • Faxes (Yes they still exist)
  • Emails and Document Uploads
  • Real Time Chat Systems
  • API Building and Integration

Others may disagree but in my opinion WordPress is not very good for any of that. Mainly I use Node.js on the backend with JQuery, Angular, and React on the front end.

Node.JS alone is faster for what I do than PHP is. Then adding another framework full framework on top of that when all I need to do is have the API’s communicating back and forth quick would just slow everything down.

Please do not get me wrong, while I personally enjoy working with Node.JS more than PHP, I am not trying to say PHP is a bad language. It has made many advances in the years since I stopped using it.

What Else I do.

I occasionally do build a front end site. However, these are not the front end sites where WordPress shines. They usually fall into one of two categories.

  • Dashboards to handle the real time communications and data generated from said communications.
  • Customer Front Ends to connect them to said data in their accounts.

It is very rare where I work on those type of sites. These days I prefer to keep my work to the back end as much as possible and handle business logic and front end integrations.

So Why WordPress?

I began my Web Development career working primarily in PHP. So of course I did work with WordPress, CodeIgniter, and other frameworks. I know the systems and even after all of these years I can jump back in and quickly pick up.

This is why I selected WordPress for ApocalypseTheory, I needed the best blogging platform on the planet and I believe WordPress offers that, also it has some of the best SEO capabilities for any CMS.

Where do I use WordPress?

Mainly personal projects, or on the rare occasion a client needs the type of site where a blog would come in useful.

As time goes on I may even start developing WordPress plugins once more. I used to do this but as I moved over to Node.JS I gave up everything PHP. While I still love Node.JS far more than PHP, this site is reminding me why I always loved working with WordPress so much!


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