Peasants and Peons

Most Hero’s come from heroic stock; Descending from family’s, backgrounds, and races who have for centuries produced those who were above the common man. Most commoners are destined to spend their days living the mundane existence of their ancestors; They shall plow fields, tend goats, or serving a noble household. However, for reasons beyond the ken of even the gods some are touched by the strands of fate. They are destined to be more than mere farmhands and merchants. Those who the threads of fate have touched are destined to shape events in the world around them; Mayhap even shaking the very foundation of the cosmos… that is if they survive. Few are touched so by the strands of fate, and fewer still survive long enough to realize their full potential.


Inside this supplement you will find

  • Rules for all 12 core classes that fit class mechanics
  • Rules for leveling up a mystery class class for those who have not decided on their final class
  • Rules on handling racial ability scores
  • Limits on HP, Ability Scores, and Proficiency bonuses.
  • A 4 sub-level system for characters to level up and gain abilities as they work their way towards level 1.


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