Apocalypse Theory

Dear Reader,

Apocalypse Theory is my attempt to let someone know about the strange happenings plaguing my world.

That may confuse you, I say my world because I highly doubt if you are reading this that my world and yours are one in the same.

We learned long ago that our world is just one of many, all the same yet all different within the multi-verse.

The Ancient Ones have awoken and now threaten all within our world. The Elders Ones who never left, yet have slept seem powerless to do anything against the creeping madness and doom that are the Ancient Ones.

Yet Dear Reader as the corruption sweeps over my world I shall do my best to tell you our story and catalog all we know. Mayhaps one day this information shall help save another world from the Apocalyptic changes sweeping mine….

Much of this is conjecture based on ancient tales and superstition.  How can mere mortals gather empirical evidence regarding beings whose mere existence is beyond all rational thought and understanding?

Yet this is all we can offer you, our theory. Welcome Dear Reader to our… Apocalypse Theory.


Peasants and Peons: Touched by the strands of fate. #dnd5e #DMguild #rpg #5e apocalypsetheory.com/posts/peasants… pic.twitter.com/P5iVdDbky6
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